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Commitment To Society

At Antrix Infracorp Pvt. Ltd., we believe that the whole company has duties fronting its context and proficient. We have elect to commit our own selves in aegis operations siphon our interest for receptivity and discovery. Antrix is a company that developed rapidly across 24 countries over the past few years. During its rise, the Group clinch its community commitment through its active contribution in exceptional patronage operations, its commitment to the safeguarding and transmission of cultural heritage, infrastructure, but also the alliance around modernity of our life style to express the real estate.

Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work, A company work , A society work a civilization work.

Antrix brings together business leaders, government officials, academics and representatives of civil society from different backgrounds and experiences.
Thanks to the handout of researchers that is associated to its projects, its working groups that bring together complementary skills, the real estate elaborates and apportion long-term tangible suggestions on the big political, economic and social challenges in our societies. It espouse its ideas to public authorities, whatever its color.
Through its publications and events (conferences, seminars, tours…)


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