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Operation & Maintenance

Acquiesce to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), operations and aliment are the source of 95-97% of the point of issue faced by the efficiency executive
and narration account for over 50% of the life-cycle costs of a domicile.

Well-managed sustenance programs not only save workable expenses, but also extend the fidelity and useful
life of real estate worth while remit operational risk.

Both a time-honored help desk access and a web based self-service ingress are provided for in-dweller of buildings to easily entreaty services or report a problem with the knack
or grounds
Preventive and presaging maintenance allow for long term life-cycle management of all building constituent
Support for the practice of testing, pageant and maintenance programs through “parade points” for documenting and trending building structure realization
Aware maintenance
Defending maintenance
Financial management of progresses-ion and maintenance
Vendor and contract management

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